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A Scientific Study on Pregnancy and Diving

imgDAN Europe invites you to participate in a research study conducted by the University Hospital (CHUV) of Lausanne, Switzerland. The study is being conducted in collaboration with three DAN organisations (DAN Europe, DAN America, DAN South Africa) and PADI, and aims to investigate possible implications of diving on the health of pregnant women and on the outcome of their pregnancy.


As you might know, diving is not recommended during pregnancy as a precautionary measure. Scientific data on the subject is poor and it makes it difficult to to give information to women who have dived while pregnant without knowing it at the time. CHUV, with assistance of DAN and PADI, has therefore set up a research study to collect data through an online questionnaire. Gathered data will be analysed and results will help provide to female divers more accurate information concerning health and pregnancy.


We warmly invite all concerned divers to participate in this research study through the online survey. It takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete the survey.



Participate in the Survey



The survey is anonymous. Neither the investigators, nor membership organizations that provided you information about this study will have access to the identities of the participants. You are not required to fill in all the questions. If you need help with the questionnaire, please contact us via the following email: diving.study@chuv.ch